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Week Yinmei an affection for his hometown. East zhoucun many elderly people, she invited the city's doctors to the village, is 60 years old or older on-site clinic. Murakami has a near poor households Xu Jianrong, sick in bed for many years, lost labor, at home as well as a 80-year-old father, a daughter in school. Week Yinmei car shuttle to the city of his hospital, he was able to diagnose the risk of liver cancer, Zhou Yinmei it again and again to pay for his medical expenses. Week Yinmei buy two sets of medium-sized tractors donated to the team, to facilitate plowing, harvesting. In order to improve the quality of life of the villagers, Zhou Yinmei once invested more than 30,000 yuan, the villagers laying of water pipes. 2002 has invested over 90 million yuan to build a straw gas supply station, making the village more than 400 households have access to piped water and liquefied petroleum gas. Is an active cultural life of the villagers, Zhou Yinmei perennial sponsor, inviting city, county tin acting troupe to the village by the villagers, especially the elderly, women and children are welcome.

Week Yinmei care education. Eastern Zhou Furong primary and a primary school in the county, Anhui Gold paired, where she contributed funding for poor students, sent bags, books and other school supplies. June 2002, the town government called Furong town committees and village, all units and community donations to schools, improve school conditions Furong Middle School. Week Yinmei behalf of Changzhou Evergreen Global Jewelry Co. invested 235,000 yuan for the construction of 430 meters of the school amphitheater.
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