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Company focused on the introduction of high-level personnel, senior engineer in recent years the introduction of more than 10 (including professor level rail Expert 1, 5 Master's degree, Dr. IUR cooperation unit 2, 4 master's degree), enterprise engineering and technical personnel engaged in technology research and development of domestic and foreign 45, 52 (which is engaged in software R & D 6 engineers). Enterprises to strengthen technical exchanges and technical training, the project cooperation, every year nearly 10 person time overseas training and technical exchanges. In 2010 to become the Changzhou enterprise technology center, established in 2012, the overseas R & D institutions, in 2013 the city of Changzhou Engineering Technology Center, technology center of Jiangsu province in 2014 to declare the enterprise. The overall goal is to CETEC the British research institutions and domestic CETT technology center, Southwest Jiaotong University, Rail Transportation Research Institute jointly together, forming the external rail vehicle domestic interior decoration and equipment R & D and R & D institutions strong industrial base, construction home and abroad first "rail transit vehicle comfort research laboratory".
The main direction of CETT company R & D products and services for the rail transport market development. Especially intelligent module EMUs of series of products is the development of the leading products, overseas development company and technology center to develop the High-speed Rail intelligent toilet seat and intelligent module is based on company's overseas development, for the European market service projects, project the second phase is the domestic R & D together the realization of domestic industrialization and industrial chain as the goal, to expand the market both at home and abroad field. The main contents of domestic enterprises is to track traffic to the interior of the vehicle, the floor and the escape door. The subway exit doors and cab door system products and the North American BT TTC project as an opportunity, the development of a series of products, expand the market both at home and abroad. The company is working with the SIEMENS Subway Emergency R & D institutions escape door system is about to enter the European market companies in overseas, is the use of overseas technical resources and R & D strength based, relying on overseas markets, expand the business of overseas exports, at the same time, the company promotes the domestic R & D level through overseas R & D institutions, expand technology the scope of cooperation, enhance the rail transportation equipment technology R & D strength.
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