Scientific research

The company attaches importance to technological innovation and personnel training, nearly two years to employ a number of both professional knowledgeand professional titles of talents to enrich the technology force, by the chief engineer is responsible for the work of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises. Have a high, intermediate professional titles of mechanical,chemical, mechanical and electrical integration, IT and other professional personnel engaged in research and development and foreign commerce work.With college degree or above in staff, staff accounted for 35% of the total,which directly engaged in the development of science and technology for 55 people, accounted for more than 10% of the total. In addition, the company has set up R & D institutions in the derby, engaged in research and development and technology convergence products cooperation. R & D investment. Every year by R & D budget plan in R & D projects at the same time. Three years of R & D funds totaling about 15000000 yuan, including5073000 yuan respectively, 5504500 yuan and 5600000 yuan, accounting for about 4% of sales income, ensure the normal payment technology activitiesoutlay. Intellectual property rights. The main products of the company hasindependent intellectual property rights, the state authorized 2 invention patents, 4 utility model patents, 1 appearance design patents. The nationalacceptance of the 2 invention patents and 1 utility model patents areachievements transformation. Three years of R & D project is 12, including 2place Changzhou city science and technology support program. R & D projectachievements transformation rate was 100%. Focus on the research and development of three years of the 12 projects, all products have formed abatch production. Key new product sales revenue of enterprises accounted for about 75% of total sales.

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