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Content "Evergreen Technology, is specialized in high-tech investment, product development and manufacturing conglomerate. The Company is headquartered in Changzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, has set a new research and development, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing as an integrated industrial park. Company emphasizes long-term planning, strategic management and sound operation, the implementation of diversification under the premise of doing the main industry to maintain rapid growth annually. 

Company involvingnew materials, rail transportation equipment and high-tech investment polyester and many other industries. Have set up in the U.S., UK many overseas subsidiaries and domestic many subsidiaries, including many domestic subsidiaries Department of National High-tech Enterprise, a provincial leading enterprises. Company legal representative of the Week Yinmei chairman of the Tenth and Eleventh National People's Congress.

Company is engaged in freshwater pearls breeding, processing and manufacturing, 100% export sales network in more than 20 countries worldwide; specializes in the field of high-speed rail trains, integrated urban rail transit vehicles built turnkey support services, annual sales are high growth; new materials products have been widely used in national large-scale high-end construction projects, such as the gymnasium, theater, etc.; has the largest international ultra-thin stone honeycomb panel production base, is the sole supplier of large-scale projects; become the world's technology, the most advanced quality one green energy materials.

Company has passed the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, certified international bond DIN6701 IRIS certified rail industry and rail vehicles and parts, welding EN15085 certification. In the field of rail transport Bombardier, Alstom, Siemens, CSR, CNR global supplier. Harvard University also set up in China is currently the only light curtain material practice base. Group is moving in new materials, new energy high-tech industries and greater development goals, and strive to five years or so to become ultra 10 billion conglomerate.

Zhou Yinmei, female, the Han nationality, Jiangsu province Wujin County, the chairman of Changzhou evergreen Technology.

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