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  • Saudi Arabia Mekka inside
  • Saudi Arabia Mekka inside

Saudi Arabia Mekka inside

Saudi Arabia Mekka inside
Mecca is the ancient city is religion, Islam's holiest sites, is every Muslim pilgrimage center for lifelong expectation.50 years ago, the annual pilgrimage to only tens of thousands of people, in 1984 reached about 3000000, in recent years, all over the world to Mecca pilgrims have more than 10 million people. The traffic problems during the Hajj is one difficult problem in Saudi Arabia from all walks of life. In order to alleviate traffic pressure during the Hajj, in early 2008, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia issued king to start Mecca area, railway project, provides the convenience for the world Muslim pilgrimage. According to the plan, the entire railway network construction completed in 5 phases, the first to start a period -- pilgrimage line project 18.06 km. This project vehicles put into use will greatly ease the Mecca area traffic pressure during in worship.

In April 3, 2009, China CNR Changchun railway car Limited by Share Ltd and Chinese railway construction(Hongkong) Limited signed the subway Saudi Arabia pilgrimage to Mecca in line vehicle supply contract in Hongkong. Mecca Hajj line subway car to advanced technology, fully embodies the green environmental protection, people-oriented and standardized, modular concept vehicle design, is a highly innovative models to meet user requirements. The subway vehicle using A type high strength lightweight aluminum alloy car body, on the basis of 6 cars subway cars in the past, 12 car 8 moving trailers 4 fixed grouping design, can meet the special requirements of increasing traffic volume. In order to ensure the vehicle safety, the traction drive, train control andbraking system of the world's most advanced, fire performance, welding technology and vehicle manufacturing allthe implementation of international standards. Vehicle design also fully consider the special requirements of the application in the pilgrimage, to prevent accidental, convenient repair, ensure the efficient and comfortable etc.have adopted the technology, process and quality assurance measures.

Evergreen Group as Saudi Arabia Mekka provides room interior integration, products including floor, roof, roof,side air grille, handrails, windshield, seat, seat frame, end of eleven parts wall partition, side wall plate, verticalplate etc.. Evergreen Group and give full play to its own technical advantages, actively participate in the joint design, assume the parts design task most, only two months time to complete all the design task. In this project,Changqing has been fully utilized in the aluminum honeycomb bonding technology leading, such as floor, roof andwall part in.
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