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  • Shanghai Pudong exhibition hall

Shanghai Pudong exhibition hall

Shanghai Pudong exhibition hall
Pudong exhibition hall building cultural fusion and cultural landscape together, not only to show the world the latestarchitectural achievement of science and technology, and increase the content of building culture, and provide the best platform for cultural exchange exhibition, is showing an important window civilized image of metropolitan port.The industry was praised as "another Shanghai museum". Design features: the use of 12000 ㎡ CEG ultrathin stone honeycombed plate used for overhead floor decoration, reflects the natural stone material effect, reduce thebearing load of steel structure requirements, the design concept (need overhead); also has better effect of antipower, laying floor overhead height 300mm-400mm conducive to the underground ventilation and setting up all kinds of pipeline the total thickness of the floor surface, 40mm, 8mm stone, can bear 5 ton forklift above.
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