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PHD floor heating project successfully completed SNCF CFAI
On December 11, 2013 -12, CETT in France, the French Ministry of Railways KEVIN Mr. BOLAY's supplier quality management senior manager Mr. Gerhard line, according to the final customer PHD floor heating project of the first examination, and in December 12th this special time, the successful completion of the first test process of Railway Ministry o…
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Railway company first tender released CSR, North car taking 50000000000 single
With the railway company in September 6th announced on its website on the speed of 250 kilometers per hour EMU bidder qualification, Chinese CSR's CSR Qingdao Sifang locomotive vehicle Limited by Share Ltd won all 91 columns at speeds of 250 kilometres per hour EMU, the concern of the China Railway Corporation was set up after the first large-scale…
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Evergreen group of college and Jiangsu University Beijing
Jingjiang School of Jiangsu University vice president Wang Shanmin of vice secretary of school Party committee in a row and part of undergraduate to our company to visit and access. Group deputy general manager Zhang Jianfeng is responsible for the reception to the guests, and introduced the basic situation of the company, the collective interview …
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