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Evergreen Group successfully acquired TrainFX UK Ltd

In December 16, 2011, Changzhou evergreen Investment Group Limited (CEG) through its Si Taike Europe Ltd (CETEC) the successful acquisition of the British TrainFX Company Limited (TrainFX). TrainFX was founded in 2005, is an experienced technology company, dedicated to providing the railway technology, including: railway vehicle media system, remote monitoring, vehicle tracking, passenger information system is advanced and closed-circuit television system, energy metering and other customized technology, communication and railway environment solution. Its parent company RAM media group company is a professional engaged in the electronic media business of British London listing Corporation.

The chairman and deputy general manager Zhou Yinmei Han Qingsong and RAM Group Chairman Mr. Tim in the London meeting, and signed a purchase agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, CETEC and RAM will form a new joint venture, keep the company name "TrainFX", CETEC accounted for 70% of the shares of the company, the remaining 30% of the shares will continue to be held by the RAM media group.

TrainFX general manager, Mr. PhilCampbell said, "for TrainFX, this is a very exciting development, not only to ensure that the company can continue to the forefront of the development of railway technology, but also can benefit from the CEG group's global supply chain and customer base."

This acquisition will bring new opportunities for our group in the development of overseas markets, not only to the introduction of international rail transit technology advanced, expand the group the original product scope of supply, but also increased the new foreign customers, will bring considerable benefits for the group I.

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