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Week of accompanied by mayor Yao Xiaodong a line of investigation in UK

Chinese Changzhou network news local time 21 days to 24 days, mayor Yao Xiaodong led the Changzhou delegation, in British Manchester, Derby, Bermingham, Oxford, London and other city, around the promotion of the Changzhou equipment manufacturing industry level topics, extensive investment, OEI and related business activities.

Yao Xiaodong a line in British Industrial City Derby to visit TRAINFX company. Derby was the birth of the world's first factory, rail traffic developed manufacturing. TRAINFX is a company engaged in the research and development of electronic information products, manufacturing company, has a world-class R & D center. In January this year, Changzhou Evergreen Group and the British listing Corporation Lang parent RAM media group cooperation, M & a 100% TRAINFX company's stake in their. Prior to this, Changzhou Evergreen Group set up R & D center in Derby, Tektronix Inc, is the field of rail transit field and new materials research and development of new industries, from Bombardier, Alston and Siemens giants such as access to about 2000000000 yuan orders.

Changzhou Evergreen Group Chairman Zhou Yinmei said, the enterprise is through mergers and acquisitions abroad, only to quickly upgrade R & D and production, acquisition of new technology core. Yao Xiaodong of the evergreen group aiming at the international market to speed up transformation and upgrading, to upgrade the level of enterprise development approach appreciated. He also welcomed British businesses more, participate in the new round of development of Changzhou advanced manufacturing industry. (source of in 2012 03 months 26 days 07:42 Changzhou daily)

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