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Star and chairman of evergreen lunch

At noon on April 28th, 2012 March, Changqing star 9 and weeks Yinmei chairman in AI Deli conference room held a meeting. Mr. Zhang Jianfeng deputy general manager and group to participate in the activities of Jin Jian, assistant to the chairman.

The evergreen star had their own problems in the work, and the development of the company and puts forward some ideas and suggestions. Will you how to fall this synergism, launched a lively discussion, put forward a lot of good advice, especially some employees put emphasis on personal quality and sense of responsibility, has been affirmed Jay Chou.

Jay Chou also stressed, improving the people's quality, responsibility heart is up, the cost can be down. We must to plant at home, to honor, hope you back later, excellent quality, with a five, all the people to drive the company to strengthen the sense of responsibility.

After the meeting Jay Chou and everyone in the company cafeteria for lunch, and asked in detail about the canteen meals, hope to improve the administrative department of food quality, provide a good meal for the general staff. Before the end, Zhang Jianfeng deputy general to distribute Jay Chou Autographed books, Jay Chou encouraged everyone, in the work is to read a book, study, improve their.

In the dining room on the third floor, traffic science and technology production composite shop door, a reasonable suggestion box special, chairman. Any suggestions or advice, can be in the form of a written feedback, regularly collects mail messages.

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