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Evergreen group of college and Jiangsu University Beijing

Jingjiang School of Jiangsu University vice president Wang Shanmin of vice secretary of school Party committee in a row and part of undergraduate to our company to visit and access. Group deputy general manager Zhang Jianfeng is responsible for the reception to the guests, and introduced the basic situation of the company, the collective interview visiting students. Zhou Yinmei, vice president of president and Wang Shanmin signed the employment application base protocol Evergreen Group and the Jiangsu University College birmingham.

Through the signing of the agreement, close contact and cooperation of our company and the Jiangsu University, to provide the necessary talent support for the development of enterprises, to solve the practical problems in the development, at the same time, through the recruitment activities, providing jobs for graduates, increase employment opportunities, alleviate the employment pressure, improve school employment rate.

Introduction of Jingjiang School of Jiangsu University:
Jingjiang School of Jiangsu University (admission code 1821) was established in 1999 the private two level college in 2005, approved by the Ministry of education from Jiangsu University and the Jiangsu University education development foundation of Independent College held jointly. The school running scale for 10000 people, all four years of undergraduate level.

Jingjiang School of beautiful scenery, the environment elegant, high quality education resources sharing in Jiangsu University. College of the existing 48 professional and direction, covering science, engineering, literature, law, medicine, the tube, 7 university disciplines, all types of building area more than 30 square meters, teaching computer nearly 1000 seat, 8600 multimedia classrooms, language lab 700 seats. Institute since its inception has been cultivating a total of nine million graduates, at present the school up to 9500 people.

Jingjiang school firmly established "depending on matrix, based in Jiangsu, facing the country, service economy, a high starting point, create characteristic, class struggle" School of thought, the pursuit of excellence in educational philosophy, explore the new personnel training mode, "Jiang college mode and practice" won the first prize of Jiangsu Province education teaching achievement of new talent cultivation, "independent college teaching quality guarantee system construction and practice of" Jiangsu University teaching achievement award. School play, optimized combination of "public" and "private" activity, in accordance with the "solid foundation, wide knowledge, strong ability, high quality" requirements to train a large number of solid theoretical foundation, professional knowledge structure, practical ability outstanding, Germany, intelligence, body, beauty comprehensive development, high-quality and practical talents with good occupation moral, social responsibility and the spirit of innovation.

Since the school, College Birmingham continuous reform and innovation, talent cultivating fruits. In all kinds of competitions, Jingjiang school students achieved attract people's attention of achievement and Honor: the National Mathematical Modeling Contest in national and provincial award one or two items; three prize in the National Undergraduate Mechanical Innovation Design Competition first prize of Jiangsu division, the national competition; Eighth, nine, ten session of the Jiangsu Province ordinary high school mathematics competition one or two, three etc. Award; Second National University Art Performance Award; two prize in the national comprehensive ability training contest of college students of engineering; national university student English competition prize two or three; National University Students advertising art contest first prize of Jiangsu division; the first prize of "Gree Cup" air conditioning panel pattern design contest Jiangsu division; two prize in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, authorized three patents. In addition, Jingjiang college students' outstanding performance in the examination certificate, graduates CET-4 pass rate stable at around 80%, some classes of CET-4 by the rate of up to 100%. In recent years, Beijing college students situation is gratifying, research has over a hundred people attended the national key university students this year graduates. It is worth mentioning that my courtyard heat Wei Xiaohao professional students after graduation to be admitted to University of Hong Kong for a full scholarship to graduate, received a $450000 scholarship, is now Shuoboliandu, PhD of the school.

Facing the new situation of higher education popularization, internationalization, Jingjiang school will closely rely on Jiangsu University abundant education resources, adhere to the people-centered, quality of Legislative Yuan Xing Yuan, characteristics, continue to promote the tutorial system, the major minor system, and offers second majors, and improve the credit system, construct the scientific and strict quality control system and full of vitality dynamic operation mechanism, further improve the quality of teaching, enhance students based on the development of society, the future competitive ability and the ability to adapt.

Education quality, talent training characteristics, winning wide acclaim of the Jingjiang School of Jiangsu University is to further implement the spirit of the Ministry of education and the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, the relevant documents, and actively explore and practice China characteristics of the diversified higher education development model, and strive to build a in engineering, paper, tube, the law, medicine, science the coordinated development of independent college, the domestic first-class.

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