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Railway company first tender released CSR, North car taking 50000000000 single

With the railway company in September 6th announced on its website on the speed of 250 kilometers per hour EMU bidder qualification, Chinese CSR's CSR Qingdao Sifang locomotive vehicle Limited by Share Ltd won all 91 columns at speeds of 250 kilometres per hour EMU, the concern of the China Railway Corporation was set up after the first large-scale bidding pattern has set.

People close to the railway company's exclusive disclosed to the reporter, the tender involving large power locomotive 795, motor car group 159, van is close 29000, passenger car 726, the total amount of over 50000000000 yuan, almost Chinese CSR, China north car two giant partition.

CSR had nearly 70 percent share of the EMU

As a big head, EMU is the most attention. It is reported, the EMU tender a total of 159, including 250 kilometers per hour EMU 91 columns, through open tender; 350 kilometers per hour in the motor car group 46, 350 kilometers per hour than frigid EMU 22 columns, take the competitive negotiation of form.

Finally, China CSR obtained all 91 columns of 250 kilometers per hour EMU, and 17 rows of 350 kilometers per hour than frigid EMU; Chinese north car won all 46 columns in the EMU, and 5 rows of 350 kilometers per hour than frigid emu.

A source close to the iron total tender told the newspaper reporter, this 91 train sets the price is about 130000000 yuan. The EMU is south, North car highest margin product, therefore the tender will be two, in a period of performance impact.

North car wins in the high power electric locomotive

In the high power locomotive tender (including competitive negotiation), CNR is a bigger share of the market -- in a total of 795 high-power locomotive with 436 stations, and CSR scored 359.

Close to the aforementioned person iron general expresses to the reporter, look from the number, the locomotive tender, Chinese CSR although the underdog, but the 8 axis 9600kW electric locomotive, the higher the price of more lucrative harvest more orders, made 284 Taichung 174. At the same time, in 50 high-power diesel locomotive in the competition, Chinese CSR includes all the 50 sets of orders. However, in the 6 axis 7200kw high power locomotive prices relatively low, Chinese north car to 326 ahead of China CSR 135.

Analytic personage points out, although in the locomotive quantity CSR underdog, but in the locomotive order amount of North and south, the car can go halves on a fifty-fifty basis.

Years or will start two tender

Manufacturing in the truck, China north car apparently stronger. As the history of the market share of large, China north car in the truck for nearly 29000 units, in one fell swoop down to 13900 units, China CSR had 10800 cars, the remaining number is Chongqing Changzheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Jinxi Railway Vehicle Co. Ltd., Baotou North venture Limited by Share Ltd divide.

Notable is, at the end of last year, van bidding in the limelight of the Ji'nan New Vehicle Co Ltd in the bidding but no gains. Close to the railway company, the sources said, since last year the project failed to make delivery on time, the company has been questioned in terms of integrity, which influenced the tender fraction.

&In addition, in the field of railway passenger cars, China CSR advantages. In 500 25G cars in invite public bidding, China CSR bid 280 cars, China north car with 220 cars. In the 25T vehicle bid prices higher, Chinese CSR bid 145 vehicles, 81 vehicles China north car share.

Analytic personage points out, the tender despite the huge sums, but still can not meet the demand of locomotive and Rolling Stock Railway Corporation, the year is expected to total railway company will also start the second tender.

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