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Escape ramp

Escape ramp
Escape ramp device: the emergency escape ramp is a multi section foldingtest structure, folded after

is fixed on the emergency evacuation door. Change the emergency escape ramp for empty

in height after folding

small, does not affect the driver through the upper glass outwardobservation. The emergency escape ramp

in the completely unfolded into a from the front floor surface to the railsurface emergency evacuation routes, and


angle is about 20 °, gentle, and both sides have two road by rigidstainless steel pipe and nylon

Handrail device of

belt, at the surface of the channel with a 3M stick slip.

product performance:
: in 30 minutes to let the 2000 passengers emergency escape. The strength of
: ramp can be carrying6 passengers average weight was 70kg.
operation: manual
starttime: less than 1 minutes
closure time: the longest 10 minutes
gross weight: 222kg
frame height: 1943.5mm (can be customized)
frame width: 762mm (can be customized)

Emergency capability of

: in 30 minutes more than 200 evacuation system:
bearing strength of flat channel class carrying 6 passengers average weight was 70KG

, the maximum deformation is 0.25mm


operating mode: automatic expansion after unlocking, start time is less than 30S, the closure time of less than

10 minutes

The total weight of

system: 109KG


: whole body completely refractory material, reasonable design,simple structure, weight

light, high strength, long service life, convenient installation and repair,through the cooperation of strong.

SATCO/ Town: No. 2 Shanghai extension line,Shanghai Metro Line 10, line 2 of Shanghai, Shanghai 6

-8 line
Changchun passenger rail: Beijing Metro Line 5, Shenyang Metro Line 1 of Shanghai Metro Line 4:
ChangchunBombardier railway vehicle: Shanghai Metro Line 7, line 9 of Shanghai

Zhuzhou: Shanghai No. 11 line

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